…and these aren’t the slideshows that Dad used to make us sit through!  Remember that dusty, old projector that hummed and made a “shush-clunk” sound every time Dad clicked the button to move to the next slide?  Actually, I have very fond memories of Dad’s old slideshows, but I’m glad there are updated versions to the tried and true way of viewing precious memories.

Custom slideshows are a wonderful way to preserve and view your photographs!  They come on a DVD, and you can view them on your television or computer.  Here is a simple slideshow I made for the Breaden Family last year after I took their portraits at their loving, cozy home. This one has “snapshots” floating up and stacking up on top of each other. I offer other options too. (Note that I have sped this up a bit for the blog too.)

Click here to see the attractive case any DVD will come with.

Won’t you let me make one for you?  Please e-mail me at shelli (at) shellipabisphotography (dot) com.

As my business grows, I’ll be able to offer you new products and specials!  Please sign up for my RSS feed so you won’t miss a thing!

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