I felt I should title this post “early winter in Georgia” because our winters are much different than our northern neighbors, aren’t they?  While an early winter in the north might yield several inches of snow, we’re still basking in sunshine and enjoying the on again, off again warm days that usually pepper our colder months.  This December has been no exception, and my family has been taking advantage of it.  My husband recently said that we need to start hiking again now that the boys are getting a little older. (Yahoo!)  So far we have “hiked” Ft. Yargo and the botanical garden.  (With a 5 and 2 year old, you gotta start easy.)

Unfortunately, our sojourns are usually in the middle of the afternoon, which is a good time for the kids but a not good time for photography.  The harsh sunlight in mid-day can produce horrible photos.  Overexposed skin and dark patches of shadow.  I don’t expect to take many portraits during this time of day without extra equipment, although I will snap away at my children under any conditions.  These “snapshots” are priceless even if they are not quality images.

But I still can’t help but try to take some good photos, and the key, I think is understanding light and how to use it.  Even in the harsh light, you can find beauty, especially if you take time to see the tiny details.

Celebrate the beauty of the season when everything turns brown.  Find light on the delicate, enchanting lines and contours of bare branches, dried weeds, seeds, and crunchy leaves.

All of these photos were taken at Ft. Yargo State Park.  What is your favorite part of winter?

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