As you can see from my absence on this blog, I’ve been taking some time off from photography.  I’m in a season of my life that requires my focus to be elsewhere.  My boys are growing, and we are homeschooling, and it takes a lot of my energy.  But nothing can keep me away from my camera for very long.  If nothing else, I can’t neglect to record the boys’ growth, their projects, and their everyday life.  But lately my camera has been calling me to look beyond my chaotic life, and I’ve been happy to listen.

And though I’m quiet on this blog, I still have some projects brewing.  I was happy to do some extra work for a client recently, and I have some future work to look forward to too.  I know that when this season of my life passes, I’ll be able to look back and see that I cultivated my photography and have a body of work to be proud of.  And I’ll be ready to produce more of it.

We’ve had a long, beautiful spring in Georgia this year.  I hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying some sunshine and flowers too.

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