As promised, here are more photos from the morning I spent with Mr. Jack Dohany, a retired toymaker.  He allowed me to interview him for a column I wrote about him, and I photographed him and some of his toys too.  My boys had fun playing with them!  If you’d like to read my column, click here.

Demonstrating the one hand top…

…and the two-hand top.

I was enchanted with this little game. The objective is to get the wooden dolls to trade places, but you can only jump over one at a time or something like that.

An Egyptian squeeze acrobat.

My little builder.

The first toy Mr. Dohany ever made. A train engine with removable parts.  He said that parents convinced him children would lose all the parts, so he stopped making them that way.

The second toy Mr. Dohany ever made.

Musical Tumble Ladder

Wind-up Music Box. Elements turn.

Music box with crank.

What toys do you remember fondly from your childhood?

2 Responses to “The Merry Toymaker”

  1. mary e c walker

    i was lucky enough to purchase several of the toymakers toys. they were the most treasured items i had.. unfortunately my house burnt in 2015. my great nieces first words to me when they found out the house burnt was ” did the tumble ladder man burn”. they were 4 and 2 at the time. the toys i bought was in 1982 and were wonderful.



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