Rob Sutherland's Pottery-1


Hi. My name is Shelli, and I am a pottery addict.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I do love pottery. While I try to be frugal, I have a big weakness for it, and over the years, I’ve collected a lot of nice pieces. So I have been thrilled that my seven-year-old son has become interested in making pottery. (I swear I haven’t pushed him into it!) Because he was taking classes this past spring, it gave me the opportunity to interview the pottery studio owner, Rob Sutherland, for the magazine I’m working for, home l school l life. We have a great section of the magazine where we interview a different professional for each issue, asking them about their career, the education requirements, salary range, and their recommendations for young people who might be interested in this field. (I love that section. That’s why I’m in charge of it.) My editor-in-chief liked the interviews I got so much, she decided to dedicate a whole page to it, so….. it had room for a photo.

Me? Take pictures of pottery? I think that’s almost as fun as buying pottery!

I asked Rob if I could take some photos of his work for the magazine, and he said sure. I had my four-year-old with me, so I was kind of rushed. (Mommy, can we goooooo? Why are you taking so many pictures?!) But I think I got some good ones nonetheless. (The one on top of this page made it into the magazine.)

Isn’t his pottery beautiful? Don’t you want to buy some?


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-9


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-8


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-7


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-6


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-5


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-4


Rob Sutherland's Pottery-3

Rob Sutherland's Pottery-2

Rob Sutherland's Pottery-10

Good Dirt Clay Studio has been in downtown Athens almost as long as I have lived in Georgia, but it’s finally outgrown it’s home, and Rob is moving it to a shiny new place. We can’t wait to see it. They offer many cool classes for kids and adults. If you live around here, you should check it out.