This summer has been the summer of birds at our house, and among other delightful encounters with birds, we had the privilege of having a cardinal family nest right outside our living room window. My eldest son was the first to notice the mama cardinal building her nest just as she was laying down a few pine needles. Within a day, the nest was built, and two days later, we could tell there were at least two eggs in it. It took about two weeks for the chicks to hatch. We enjoyed peering into the lives of these amazing creatures from the comfort of our home.

I set up my tripod by the window, and using the remote control to my camera, we were able to capture some images of the goings and comings of the birds. Keep in mind that these were taken through a window glass at different times of day. I had to keep adjusting the camera to get the best vantage point, there wasn’t much I could do about the branches! My sons helped me in this endeavor as they were all too eager to stand back and take photos using my little remote control. I hope you enjoy them.

If you have time, here’s a short slideshow with more images:

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One Response to “Cardinal’s Nest”

  1. The Summer Rundown | Mama of Letters

    […] Birds – I have been seeing the theme of birds pop up in my boys’ interests lately, especially for my five-year-old. He is carrying around some beloved bird toys, and he loves collecting feathers, and every night, instead of reading a book, we’re looking at birds in our bird app, looking at their photos, where they live, and listening to the sounds they make. I definitely want to write about this more when I can, but I have already written about how the real birds gave us a show this summer, and wow, how special is that?! And you can see the photographs I took of a cardinal family rearing their young on my photography blog. […]



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