I have seen mallard ducks before. Many people have.

But when you have a little boy who is crazy about birds, especially ducks…

And you are with him when he sees them in the wild for the first time…

Suddenly a duck takes on a new meaning.

It’s thrilling to see…

A family of ducks.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before.

One Response to “The Mallard Family”

  1. Mary Ann Rennick

    Shelli, this is beautiful. I used to see your work often when I blogged (Desperately Seeking Serenity) and have followed you on Facebook, but just now had time to check out this blog. Viewing this one posting has filled me with a sense of calm and peace. I’ll come back soon to check out the rest of it. What a lovely beginning of a new day. Thank you for sharing your self.



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