It is not in life, but in art that self-fulfillment is to be found. — Wilson Mizner

2 Responses to “It is not in life, but in art”

  1. Elaine Doris Bryan

    Hey Shelli — this is beautiful!!! And so true.

    I hope that you and your boys (including George) are doing well.

    I want to tell you that my Nellie, my Great Pyrenees, is sick. She has Osteosarcoma. We learned of this in July, and have been treating her holistically due to her age of 13. I did not feel it was fair to her to amputate at her age, but now I am wondering if that is what I should have done.

    Anyway, she is probably in her final stages of life, and I am so very glad that I have your pictures to remember her with and cherish our time together. She is a love. This is so heartbreaking for me. But your pictures will help me remember her always. So thank you.

    I also want to tell you that I plan to get another Great Pyrenees puppy in February. I saw the movie Santa Paws and Santa Paws 2 several years ago. This movie uses Great Pyrenees pups as elves. I fell in love with the pups. And I tracked down the breeder several years ago. I have kept in close contact with her and she will be where I will get my new pup. I will get another female. I am hoping she will be solid white. But we will see. They will be ready the first of February. I need a little space before bringing another pup into my life. And I think that February will be a good time to move forward and begin training her as a therapy and reading dog so Nellie’s legacy can live on. AND I would love for you to take some puppy pictures maybe the end of February or March when spring begins popping through.

    I am wondering about the place on Highway 11 that you have used for pics. Anyway, something for you to be thinking about down the road.

    So good to receive your email. I miss you. And I miss George, too!

    Enjoy your Sunday!





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