Earlier this week, I took a walk on a trail while my kids were at their homeschool class at the botanical garden. It’s been about twenty years since I’ve walked alone on this trail — my favorite trail. I used to walk here alone quite frequently. How I’ve missed it.

But I don’t think I’ve ever walked on it during the middle of winter when it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

Part of the stream was ice.

All around me were different shades of brown. Brown is beautiful, I think.

Despite the cold, I passed quite a few joggers and other people walking. I think this time of year more than ever, people need nature. Don’t you agree?

This did not hinder this mother’s magical moment of being alone. The trails at the botanical garden are always peaceful.

There’s always that happy thrill when I reach the river and listen to its soft current rippling and sliding by.

The birds were not deterred by the cold either. I saw a phoebe, some kind of sparrow with two black stripes on its head, a Carolina wren, cardinal, and others that were too far away and fast for me to identify.

Luckily, in the last minute dash to get out the door on time that morning, I thought about bringing my camera. I’m so glad I did.

2 Responses to “Winter Walk”

  1. Elaine Doris Bryan

    Shelli — these are beautiful shots! I responded in your comments. They made me think of my time walking over there as well when I lived in Athens.

    I am attaching a couple of pics of Grace Adeline. She will be my new puppy. She is five weeks in these shots. I will pick her up the first of February. She is at Wells Providence Farm in Silex, Missouri. If the weather is good, I will pick her up, but if there is snow on the roads, I will have her transported. We will see . . .

    So . . . be thinking of some ways we can do a photo shoot in early March, maybe? She will grow so fast, I do want to get some shots while she is still “small.”

    I hope that you are all doing well. Tell George hi for me. He left me a sweet voice mail about Nellie Grace, and I appreciated it very much. I miss him and I being office neighbors.

    Again, beautiful pictures!!


    Elaine D. Bryan, M.S.


  2. Elaine Doris Bryan

    Shelli, what are your rates now for a photo shoot? Thanks, Elaine

    Elaine D. Bryan, M.S. Associate Professor Perimeter College Georgia State University Online Department of Business and Kinesiology 678-212-7535 ebryan@gsu.edu




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