I’m happy to introduce Grace Adeline, a new member of Elaine’s household. Elaine hired me six years ago to photograph Grace’s predecessor, Nellie. (Click here to view those photos.) These dogs are Great Pyrenees, and they are gorgeous. Elaine trains them to become therapy dogs, and they help children learn how to read.

Grace Adeline is all puppy right now, but she has a sweet and calm disposition. She was curious about everything and everyone. She never fussed about getting her photos taken, although I did have to use a fast shutter speed!

Elaine has been kind enough to let me share her entire gallery with you. Click here, if you would like to view that.

These photos were taken at the beautiful William Harris Homestead.

One Response to “Elaine and Grace Adeline: Shelli Pabis Photography”

  1. Elaine Doris Bryan

    Hey Shelli —

    Your work is so beautiful!!!

    I would like to order all of the photos on a disk as I did last time. And I don’t remember if you are still making books? Are you? If you are, I would like to order a book as well.

    So, please tell me the cost again of all the photos, and let me know about this books when you can.

    Gracie is going to be going down to UGA’s library for PAW’s and Relax during the student’s finals. They have emailed me today and asked it I could send a pic of her for a poster. Could I send one of your pics from Gracie that has Shelli Pabis Photography so that it might help advertise your work? If not, no worries, I have other shots I have taken I can send, but wanted to ask you about this first.

    Thanks so much!






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