Great Egret

My family spent Thanksgiving week in Ormond Beach, Florida, and since my youngest son is a budding ornithologist, we spent a lot of time searching for birds. (He has turned us all into birders.) They weren’t hard to find, though. On the beach, the birds were accustomed to humans, and we were able to get quite close. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

Great Egret with two sanderlings and a willet in the background.

We passed by groups of gulls and terns sitting together on the beach. We mostly saw ring-billed and laughing gulls.

Mostly laughing gulls, we think.

Ring-billed gull with friends.

Sanderlings flying low over the surf.

Sanderlings in the sunrise.

The sanderlings were our favorite birds to watch. They are so cute running back and forth in the surf.

Snowy Egret

Laughing gulls and Royal Terns. We think they grouped together to protect themselves from the wind.

I will miss passing by the birds on our walks down the beach.

No birds this time. Just the sunrise over Ormond Beach.

While we were there, we also spotted osprey hunting in the ocean, anhingas, a great blue heron, white ibis, double-crested cormorants, brown pelicans, ruddy turnstones, turkey vultures and black vultures, common pigeons, common grackles, American crow, tricolored heron, belted kingfisher, little blue heron, a yellow-bellied woodpecker and spotted sandpipers.