I have a secret to tell you: I love architectural photography.  As much as I love photographing people, nature, animals, small things…well, everything, I really love interesting architecture, especially unique homes. This is Bob’s home.  He designed it and built it himself over many years. It’s been a labor of love. Japanese architecture inspired him, though he’s never traveled to Japan.

I love the woods, and he built his home in the woods. It’s a quiet, beautiful place to visit.  I long to sit in the gazebo (below), listening to the stream trickle by and write, or read, or just meditate.

I found this place challenging to photograph, though.  The color cast from the green woods, the shade speckled with bright sunlight, the small spaces where my tripod felt big and awkward…  I spent much longer than I anticipated taking these photos, and it was hard work.  But it was also fun, and I came away with some images that I like.  I hope you like them too.

Please tell me what inspires you.

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